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John, get on a TIMER with canned CAR, and

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TELL us whether or not you can get any thing done with .22 unit, faster than you can do the same thing with the canned 223. :) What this MEANS, of course, is that you don't HAVE to practice much at all with 223, only with .22 unit. work on 10" gongs, to 75m, for snapshooting, and reserve the 223 mostly for longer range stuff. That typically means braced position slowfire, so there's very little need to practice it. It's kid stuff. once you know how to do it, there's very little need to keep doing it, in order to be able to do it "upon demand".

For instance, try reacting, raising rifle from low ready, double tapping 3 torsos at 25m, 5m apart. 3 seconds, for either caliber,(using iron sights) is pretty fair perfomance, if all hits are in the 10" circle of the A zone. 2.5 secs for same 6 hits= world class shooting, evenwith optical sights.
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u KNOW scope's faster, as in average of several tries, different lighting, on a shooting timer, or you just THINK it is? With a v notch cut into the top of the luminous wing of peep sight, and epoxy 'ears" to catch the eye quickly, let you SEE more as the gun comes up,or as it traverses, irons are VERY fast indeed.
I prefer the 2x7 compact, for a bit more precision, and still fast ENOUGH, on 2x. It's also a bit better for use as a substitue binocular. Duplex x hairs help in poor light, and serve as as much rangefinder as a short 223 can benefit-from.

When can comes off of most shorty AR's, the flashhider will go back on, and a big steel flashhider adds nearly as much wt as does an efficient, aluminum can.
I always cut at least one 30 rder to 20 rds. The 30 sticks out too far for practical field use, but it's nice for practice. It gets in the way of going prone,using bipod, doing "quick sling rolls", etc.

You'll DEFINETLY love the luminous sights, ambi safety, trigger job. As big as you are, you'll like a butt extention, and you'll be faster, from low ready, with a rearward extention of the pistol grip. I've always just used Bondo Car body putty, and wrapped it with black cloth tape, but Pachmahr or somedbody sells a larger pistol grip made out of rubber (or so I've read)

With the gun a bit shorter than "fitting' (butt in crook of elbow, first pad of finger falling natuarlly across the face of the trigger, gun handles faster. Need a TIMER to be able to notice all these little "twitches" of improvement, John. A NON-wobbly fit of upper to lower, handguard and stock ALSO help speed of aimed- hits, and so does a properly-made cheekpc. The latter should have two depressions. One on its side, for your cheekbone and the iron sights, one on top, for your chin and the scope.
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If u'd ever TRY things on a timer, u'd KNOW, instead of just guessing. Often, things FEEL faster, even tho they were actually SLOWER, because of wasted motion. You can run MANY times faster, around the block, and still get beaten to the other side by the guy who cuts across the block, ya know? Minimum motion is always fastest, even tho it can "feel" slower.
with a(4-or-6-position) retractable stock, you can have the butt extention, and still have as much "compactness" as you've got now, and you can retract the stock, to allow for a thick winter coat, let kids-wife shoot the gun, etc.
I did NOT say butt WIDENING, nor "enhancing", ya know. :)
1/8"-3/16" thickness for .22lr, so it will jump when hit, 1/2"+ thick for 223 or .45, 1/4"-3/8" thick for 9mm. Just whatever stuff the scrapyd has. 8" or 12" is ok,just adjust the ranges accordingly. Get half links of chain from someplace that sells chain in bulk, from the scrap bucket. Weld 2 of them side by side, near the top rear of disk, and use a loop of wire or small chain to suspend the disk. Disks are the scrap from cutting holes in sheet, for industrial stuff, easy to find. Grind off any burrs, or they will turn the bullet frags back towards the shooter. once you crater them with 223, never use them for sub 10m pistol work, because frags are dangerous. Never shoot a smooth plate, centerfire pistol, closer than 5m, and never with 22 closer than 3m, and always wear eye protection when shooting.
LOL. When first shooting wax .45 ACP'S with Arganbright, on his Khrondek timer, I expressed concearn that the 2" hole in the center of his thin sheet metal target, with a light bulb in its center, for the start signal, would result in broken bulb a lot. He laughed and said it almost never happened. I broke it twice that same day, and my times were way faster than he THOUGHT could be done, ccw and going Weaver. :)
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