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John, get on a TIMER with canned CAR, and

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TELL us whether or not you can get any thing done with .22 unit, faster than you can do the same thing with the canned 223. :) What this MEANS, of course, is that you don't HAVE to practice much at all with 223, only with .22 unit. work on 10" gongs, to 75m, for snapshooting, and reserve the 223 mostly for longer range stuff. That typically means braced position slowfire, so there's very little need to practice it. It's kid stuff. once you know how to do it, there's very little need to keep doing it, in order to be able to do it "upon demand".

For instance, try reacting, raising rifle from low ready, double tapping 3 torsos at 25m, 5m apart. 3 seconds, for either caliber,(using iron sights) is pretty fair perfomance, if all hits are in the 10" circle of the A zone. 2.5 secs for same 6 hits= world class shooting, evenwith optical sights.
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Rika :)
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