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Name: tXXXXs kXXXXw
Ad Title: need snakes
Email: [email protected]
URL: http://
Date: 01/06/03
Time: 03:42 PM

season greetings to you all! i have a beautiful columbia red-tail boa for sale.she is a baby and hatched out of her egg about 6 months ago.feeding on baby rats,she is still under a foot long, and less then a nickle width in size.beautiful striped tail,and a flawless pattern, this snake is of expectional quaility and health.if there is a perticular sex you are looking for please e-mail me about your concerns.please feel free to e-mail me and make an offer or trade.thanks for all your time.

I know it is nothing......
but for some reason I can't get off the floor long enough to type this thing out.
I am to busy laughing.
By the way. This is a real add I just found.

Ritchie.... that's even better then when I posted an ad for my emmy and I titled it....


Man, did I catch hell for THAT one!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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