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Even though this is kind of about archery, it does fit with the other topics in this forum.

I will hopefully have an elk hunt coming up in September - I will find out next week if I'm drawn or not. Part of my preparations is hiking with my backpack, getting it progressively heavier until I'm around 60lbs.

It is 4.5 miles from my house to the archery range. I hike it with my pack and my bow on my pack. I hike there, shoot, and then hike back. 9 miles with my pack. Today my pack was only about 15 lbs - I didn't carry too much stuff other than water, first aid kits, and archery gear. By august, I will be doing the trip with full gear and extra water for weight.

So, why is this in survival? Simple. we all should really train, and try our gear under normal use. This is how we know what we can and cannot do, and we learn how to organize our packs, etc. waiting for SHTF before doing anything is too late. If I get an elk tag, I will most likely be living out of my pack for a week or more. doing this, puts me way ahead of people who only use their gear for an hour or two. I also have a pretty good handle on what works for me, and what the gotchas are.

we are all different, but we can all benefit from trying our gear, and actually putting it to use. Your survival may depend on this one day.
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