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killing men is easy, if u don't consider

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their lives to be meaningful, and some people don't, if thepother men aint both Objectivist and on THEIR side of the issues.. :) If such is not the case, then the other people are just obstacles, or at best, just neutral, somewhat useful (on occasion). Those who are subjective, secondhanders(PARASITES,) just can't handle such thinking, so they consider it a big deal to kill( unless doing so is "codified" by some sort of religious or military "rules of engagement". Then they can easily turn into the worst sort of Gestapo torturers. If you don't bother me, I don't give a hoot what you do,and you should feel the same toward everyone. Those who "feel"(iinstead of THINK, that is) that they are obligated to FORCIBLY interfere with others are what guns are made for.
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84 C4 ,

Hang around. You'll realize Andy/223 Fan usually doesn't sound like he IS thinking before he posts.
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