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killing men is easy, if u don't consider

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their lives to be meaningful, and some people don't, if thepother men aint both Objectivist and on THEIR side of the issues.. :) If such is not the case, then the other people are just obstacles, or at best, just neutral, somewhat useful (on occasion). Those who are subjective, secondhanders(PARASITES,) just can't handle such thinking, so they consider it a big deal to kill( unless doing so is "codified" by some sort of religious or military "rules of engagement". Then they can easily turn into the worst sort of Gestapo torturers. If you don't bother me, I don't give a hoot what you do,and you should feel the same toward everyone. Those who "feel"(iinstead of THINK, that is) that they are obligated to FORCIBLY interfere with others are what guns are made for.
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I think the talk of "killing men" is ended here, gentlemen. I do not believe it is a discussion that is in keeping with what I want this site to be about. Any further messages along this line will be deleted upon my discovery of such talk.

I hope you make this easy on me by simply refraining from such discussions here in the future.

Talk all you want about guns, but killing people is not an acceptable topic on this site.
Oh I don't think so. I have bought a lot of centerfire handguns, and never ONCE thought when I picked it up and handled it "Boy, this sure would be nice to use to kill someone."

I have bought guns as collectibles and will probably never shoot them. I have bought guns just because I like the way they look and feel. I enjoy the precision craftsmanship of a well made gun and the resulting conglomeration of all kinds of skills that came along the way to create several holes in a paper 100 yards away that are nearly touching together. I find the buttery smooth workings of a bolt action rifle immensely pleasing in itself. There is a sport all into itself about trying to combine the mechanical alignments of a rifle and sighting system, and the physics of a controlled explosion propelling a piece of metal down a barrel, along with the self control and expertise of the shooter to try to get multiple shots into one single hole in a target.

223 fan, you seem to have difficulty with the concept that not everyone thinks like you do. And the attendant conviction that anyone who does think differently must be wrong. Your world is not the only world.
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