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Kit required

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Okay gunkid, the balloon has gone up, what rifle, ammo, pistol and rucksack are you going out the door with? Please list the contents of your pack. This is your classic fantasy, endulge.
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Shuusssh! Garand don't bother him. He's busy digging into old magazines trying to find answers to your questions.

He hasn't a clue and never will have.

Ya know, for once I wish that tard would give a coherent answer. All the clues are right here because so many have listed their own kits. All he would have to do is lie and he could give the appearance of being prepared. But then if he did that, he would be admitting that all of us are correct in our kit and that he was wrong.

He has dug his grave and can't climb out because he would lose face.

Of course you are correct Garand. The only reason I offered the thought is that so many of us from different parts of the country have offered our kit contents that it would be simple to copy one from a person who lives in his AO.

The fact that he will not answer is proof that he has no plan except to steal from those folks he runs across.

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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