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rambo wannabe, I would never bother to lug a rifle around. You are more likely to die of insect bites-stings than bear attacks. I might swap out the mag of 70 gr prefrags, if in Alaska backwoods, for the 90 gr, hollowbased .45 swc's, at 2100 fps in the lw commander, and I'd also carry some small, lw accurate .22, like the smith 2214, for taking grouse, squirrles, hares, trout, and so on. say a total of under 4 lbs of guns, holster, spare mags, and ammo.
andy's at it again. pay no attention to this or his other post. andy this thread is not about anything you have experance with, so do us a favor and shut up.
thank you very much.

well the last time i was in alaska i carried my 358 norma mag. i know for a fact it works on the local costal browns. if i was going to pick something that ammo would not be a problem for, i would go for marlin's 45/70 cowboy gun, only because it has a longer site radius than the guide gun. the 45/70 with factorie 400 gr sp bullets or lazer casts 405 gr ldfn, would work just fine. you can take soft skinned game to 200 yrds with no problems, and the 400 gr bullet is packing enough lead to give a brown bear a hard time. as for a pistol i would go for a 44 mag with a good hard cast 270 gr or a 300 gr bullet, at about 1200 to 1300 fps. i don't think any pistol pack enough punch for the bears, but at least with a 44 mag you can get back on target quick enough to take more than one shot if you have to. :cool:
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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