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John Linebaugh has several packable options in a handgun. I have a 500 Max., and it penetrates better than any factory loaded 500 S&W (also a fine, but really heavy piece), but not much better (if any) than a std. 500 Linebaugh. Plenty of help on the loads, and factory ammo available (for the std 500 Linebaugh) from Buffalo Bore, with several sources for brass and reasonably priced dies from Hornady (new item). Easily manageable with 440 LBT flat noses, can handle 400's, but some are pushing 595's and karger pills. The "Magic Number" seems to (with the 440's) about 1200-1300 fps, though you can push them much harder. The penetration is phenominal. When you compare accuracy levels with the 500 Smith, you will notice the Smith at nearly 60,000 psi, but not that accurate with the factory fodder at those pressures according to the test I read in Gun World. The Linebaugh 500's operate at about half or a little more of that. As a plus, they are real hammers on anything south of really big bear country with a 440 at about 900fps, and very pleasant to shoot.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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