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Kydex is THE holster material.Far more secure,

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ccw capable, durable, "slick" to draw from than leather, far less costly, easy to work with(once you have Chicago screws and a heat-gun).For IWB rigs,tho,it BADLY needs padding, at least on the top and bottom 'corners". No biggie, cause I've been rounding off the corners of guns since about 1970. I HATE uncomfortable ccw guns,much less losing blood, being HURT by the sob's. Sharp corners on grip safetyies, rear sights, etc, are flat dangerous. They can numb your hand, just when you need it to be maximally sensitive. A truly fast draw means you hit that gun hard enough that if it was a punch to the face, you'd cold-cock a man. I've had blood running off of my elbow, at the end of an assault course,from a BoMar sight that I hadn't yet "dehorned. Cut my thumb on it as I drew.
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Personally, I like Witchita's, I've never lost any blood handling my .45. Sounds like inept gun handling to me. Would you like some pointers on how to properly handle a firearm??
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