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I don't want to beat this to death, but it get's to me when people spout absurd statements that other people might take as good information. If you walk into a four square mile plot of woods with someones poodle under your arm that you just shot, things are going to go bad. Without a direction finding device, your going to be LOST.. While your cooking up Fido, you'll notice it's getting dark. You nod off until a gentle rain wakes you up. Look around: the wood's looks a hell of a lot different than when you went to sleep. You know that all you have to do is is walk in one direction to find a road. No sweat, right? Wrong. Without a compass, a right handed person will walk in a large right handed circle, and end up within a couple of hundred yards of where he started. The same with a left handed person, only the other way. Now throw into the mix Farmer Brown and a couple of his pal's are not real happy about Fido being shot and are hunting you. Which way do you go? Put a stick in the dirt and wait for the sun? It's raining, and your adversary's know the terrain and you don't. Their going to get a leetle payback for your Fido burger. If you have never been turned around in the woods, you have never been the woods.
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