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"Legendary Abs", program, level 9 consists of

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Hanging leg raises. Hang from chinup bar. Do not swing your body. raise your legs, knees straight, until your toes reach over your head.Lower your legs. Do 12, drop, rest 10 seconds, go back to the bar, do 10 more.

Hanging knee raises. hang from chinup bar. do not swing your body. Raise your knees to your chest, lower them. Do 20, drop, rest 10 secs, get back on the bar, do 15 more.

drop, rest 10 seconds, do 30 lying leg raises. Lie on back, fists under buttocks, palms downward. Raise heels 6" off of floor, do not again lower them to the floor, until done with 30 reps. raise knees to chest, shoot toes toward ceiling, hard enough to raise butt up off of your hands. Lower to knee-chest position, shoot legs straight out, parellell to floor, repeat. Done with 30, rest 10 secs, do 20 more.

x-knee ab crunches; Lie on back fingers lightly interlaced, lightly touching back of head. Raise R knee towards chest, raise chest, twist left elbow towards knee, do NOT lower heels to floor, just straigten legs. Do NOT lower shoulders all the way to the floor, just twist R elbow towards left knee, and left knee up towards chest. Repeat 15 on each side. rest 10 seconds.

Regular ab crunches. 15 reps. Hands as before. Knees bent, soles of feet on floor, heels about 1 ft from buttocks. Raise shoulders and upper torso a few inches off of floor, relax a bit, but do NOT let shoulders all the way to floor, repeat.

1/4 situps. lie on back, fingers behind head. raise legs, knees bent, making an "l" of legs, lower legs parellel to floor. Raise head to nearly touch knees, lower, but do NOT let shoulders all the way to floor, 15 reps.

Lying knee raises. 20 reps. Lie on back, fists under butt, palm down. Raise heels to 6" above floor, do NOT lower them all the way again, until done. Raise knees to chest, until butt lifts off of fists. Shoot feet back out, legs straight, repeat.

Reverse situps. suspend torso over the edge of a table, haing friend hold legs, or use the crunch chair at the gym, with its holder for your ankles. Face down, hang torso at 90 degrees to floor. Raise your upper body, being CAREFUL not to raise it above the level where the spine is in line with upper legs. Lower back to 90 degrees. 50 reps. This exercise is to prevent your "too strong" abs from pulling on your spine too much, with all the stress in one direction.
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