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common. I can cause your death with an icepick to your liver, but it will likely take you minutes to bleed out. I can stop you COLD with a forefist to the solar plexus, yet you will most likely be ok in an hour or two. It is VERY feasible for a controlable ccw pistol to cause the EXACT same amount of shock and tissue damage to animals as does a good 223 softpoint.

Simply use "non lead" solder, 95% tin, 5% antimony, and the 155 gr Lee .45 swc mold. The bullets drop out weighing 100 grs. Use the lathe to deepen the grease groove, hp them, and make a big, deep hollowbase cavity. Use the horizontal mill and an .008" thick slitting saw to slit the hp almost back to the grease groove. Size the bullet to .453" and use Lee's sizer die in the reloading press, and their "liquid lube". Velocity is 2300 fps, 800 ft lbs of muzzle energy

Use the .460 Rowland case, 13 grs of Bullseye, CCI Magnum Rifle primers, and a Commander, fully supported barrel, with a Defender slide, and a 4 oz muzzlewt, for a total wt of 31 ozs, loaded with 8 rds. recoil, and muzzle jump are considerably less than ball in an unaltered alloy commander. At impact, you get 3 wound tracks, not just one, and you get 10-12" of flesh penetration with the rear section of the bullet, 6-8" with the front two sections. 70 gr Speer sp's are often only 2700 fps at the muzzle, with most barrel length 223's, most loads. At the ranges the 223 gets USED, say 100 yds, the rather blunt shape of the Speer sp has slowed down by 400 fps. and the 45 has FOUR TIMES the frontal area of a .224" bullet. So it doesn't NEED as much velocity to be able to do the same damage to the fragile chest organs. :)

Also, on deer, etc, you don't GET to hit them AGAIN in the chest, .18 second after you hit them the first time. A "hammer" of this type, however, IS eminently feasible with the .460 ccw pistol.
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