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Leupold vs Nikon?

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Has anyone ever done a head to head comparison between Leupold Scopes and Nikon Scopes? All of my camera lenses are Nikons and I love them for their clarity, but I honestly have never even given a thought to using their scopes on my guns. And I don't have a clue why not. Do Nikons have any sort of resale value?

I think the only non-Leupold scopes I have are the Shepherd on my M82A1 Barrett, and the Swarovskis on the other two.
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does Nikon fix their scopes, for free,

forever, no questions asked, like Leupold does? If not, the answer is clear. get USED Leupolds, never pay more than 25% of retail, and you can't go wrong.
Well, I really don't know what Nikon's warranty is like. Certainly a very good point, however. But yes, I do agree that if you can find a Leupold scope at a reasonable price used, as long as it isn't beat up, you will certainly get all your money back out of it if you decide to resell it.

I am always on the lookout for the Vari-X III 6.5x20x40 scopes. If I can find one for $385 or below, I will normally buy it. I have several of them, and they are just damned nice scopes.
I have a Nikon 4-12-44 and have had it for several years now. I use it for paper and hunting, never needed warenty service. The glass is just as clear as a Leupold in my opinin.
I have a nikon on my .338 mag and it is a sweet scope. I have leupolds every where else...

You probably can't go wrong with either...
Leupold hands down. Nikon is okay but it can't compare.

My experience has caused me to stay with Leupold scopes. I posted on another thread that I have heard nothing negative about a Nikon scope.

I bought a used Winchester/Miroky 52B rifle with a four power Nikon affixed to it today. Soo, it looks like I will get some Nikon experience now.

The Nikon will leave this beautiful Winchester 52B, and a Leupold 6X42AO will adorn it from now on. The Nikon will move to a Stevens, Favorite, single shot rifle. The favorite needs all the help it can get.

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