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I bought this scope a few months back to replace an old VX-2 in 2 x7. This scope was on my Ruger M77 in .280 REM. I really like this scope and the ZDL turret system on it.

The optics are bright and defect free. I don't notice any visual artifacts at the edges of the lens.

It has a nice throw lever on the magnification ring, which I really like.

it is a 4.5 - 14x scope. There is 15 MOA worth of adjustment in each turret.

I got it without MIL - DOT hash marks. For hunting, I like a clean reticle - yet like MILs on my tactical guns, go figure.

My only complaint on this optic, which is common with any optics that feature a generous zoom range, is the change in eye-relief. it's probably 1/4 - 1/2" different on 14 than it is on 4.5 - enough to make me shift my head forward a little. However, if I ever need to be at the 14x side of things, I'll have plenty of time to get set.

After I got it sighted in, I did the "box walk" with it. 8 clicks up, fire, 8 clicks right, fire, 8 clicks down, fire, 8 clicks left, fire. returned to where I started. Nice square pattern of bullet holes at 100 yards.

if you're looking for a new hunting scope, you would not go wrong to pick one of these up.

My 2 cents, YMMV.
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