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:dancer01: I went to the Gun Show in Allentown, PA, today. While I was there I attended the Florida State course in order to get licensed to carry in 25 different states. It was a breeze! LEO's, past and present Military, (with DD 214) and certified firearms instructors (me) DID NOT have to take the class. (Because we've, already, received firearms training.)

We, simply, filled out the paperwork, had our pictures taken, got fingerprinted, had everything notarized, and that was that. Now, all I have to do is send the completed paperwork and $117.00, to Florida. This CCW license is good for 5 years; and, once I'm approved, I'll be licensed to carry in 25 states - very nice! (You Florida guys are sooo .... lucky.) If you'd, also, like to expand your range of travel while armed, here's the web links you'll need for more information:

For detailed information on Florida's CCW laws and reciprocity with other states, go to:

Good Luck and Seasons Greetings to everyone! :santa:

Arc Angel

PS: Sorry, Glenn; but New York and New Jersey aren't included - yet!) ;)
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