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Look Out, East Coast!

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Big Jon is heading up GB1's way this weekend for a trade show. I plan on hooking up with GB and Euromama while there, so by Monday, the bourbon supply in the Carolinas should be thoroughly exhausted.

Oh yea, this is the "Firearms" board, right? Lest I be chastised for an off-topic thread, I am buying a rifle from him, and will pay for it during the trip. Supposedly, it's an Enfield. GB said he'd cut me a good price and sell it to me for only $5,000. Y'all don't think he'd try to rip me off, do you?

GB - When I get off the plane, who do I look for? Will one of your Carolina cousins be there to pick me up? If so, I'll just look for someone with a sloped forehead and one big eyebrow all the way across. :D

Lookin' forward to it, man.

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Right now Jon is running nekid through the streets of my fair city with a bag of W.I.'s best deer feed, asking women if they want to see his antler grow.
BigJon said:
My favorite bourbon on the rocks, bacon-wrapped scallops, coconut-encrusted shrimp, lobster, etc., etc., etc.
Wait till you see the menu next time. Come back soon!
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