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Looking for pistol grip stock and fore end for Mossberg 835

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I would like to update my trusty Ol' Mossberg 835 by adding a pistol grip stock and matching fore end. I am referring to the type found on the new Benelli turkey guns and not the defensive pistol grip that is found on a home defense shotgun.
Only problem is I can't find a manufacturer who makes them to fit this model.
Anyone out there know of a manufacturer who makes them?
Thanks in advance
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sorry, dude, I don't follow the shotgun stuff, but a better place to ask such questions would be THE HIGH ROAD, or CSP Forums.
I'm thinking the 500 and 600 series stocks should work but let me check with a gunsmith I know. The fore end hardware is the only thing that might be a problem that I can think of.
Update- My gunsmith or actualy his wife, called AdvancedTechnology and they called back saying that their stocks for the Mossberg 500/590/600 will work on the 835. So other brands should work just as well.
best place to look is ebay! I pretty much posted the same question but referring to barrels rather thans stocks and didnt get much, but then i went to the mossberg site and found that the stuff for a 500 model will fit my 88 . barrels , stocks and all. ebay has some cheap upgrades up for auction
Model88,that's good to know.I bought an 835 a year ago.It's just standing up in the corner.If the "tactical":rolleyes:500/590 parts fit I might have a HD shotty that throws 3.5in turkey loads.He he he he.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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