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lot of good 45-70 is against jbt's. time, $

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spent on the pos aint contributing anything,and it's taking away from your responsibility of getting ready to kill as many of the pos's as you have to.
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1.) We don't run from the cops, because we don't do stupid sh!t like sell drugs and make illegal supressors.

2.) It's not real likely that cops will go door to door telling people to turn in their guns. There's too many guns, and not enough cops. EVERY otehr country that's banned guns has had startlingly LOW turn in rates, despite their propaganda, and GUN CRIME in those countries has gone up, there will be no shortage of guns.

3.) Not everything has to do with SHTF.

4.) Unlike you, who can't own any guns, most here own many. Once we've had our SHTF gear squared away, there's no reason not to have "fun guns".

5.) The .45-70 kills just fine, and does much better against body armor, to include rifle armor, than does your .22, even with your unobtanium rounds.

6.) With the proper rifles and sights, the .45-70 BADLY outranges and is more accurate than your poodle-popper (that you don't have, and never will). Even with leverguns, put a set of vernier sights on it, and it'll STILL outrange your poodle-popper, although the leverguns won't be 1000 yard guns.

7.) The .45-70 hits a LOT harder, at all ranges than the poodle-popper. FPe isn't all there is to stopping power.

Enough for now. . .
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So, looking in your muddy crystal ball, when are you planning to start shooting people and what are you planning on using?
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