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M1 Carbine question/help

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I just got a new M1 Carbine for my 15 birthday a Iraelarms m1 (american legend) I took it to my ranch this past weekend to fire it, site it in...slide kept coming off the bolt evertime i fired it ... went home read that the company also made 22. 5.7 johnson carbine.. so my question is what is the difference between a 30. carbine and a 5.7 .. there isnt really a way to return the carbine because i think israel arms recently went out of business my dad thinks that its the gun but im pretty sure that the carbine is made for the 5.7 also in the manual it doesnt say what type of bullet it fires..
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.223=5.56x45, .30=7.62 (7.62x51=.308), 5.7 (& 5.8, the new Chinese hi-velocity AP mil rounds)=approx. .24-.25 cal.
Damn Jimmy Carter and his metric mess.
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