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smith it up a bit. It does need about .5" more barrel, it badly needs a set of real sights, stippling on its frame straps, the longer mag of the Taurus PT22, a "speed" extention on its thumb safety, and the trigger needs to be reshaped, in order to remove the overtravel present in the pull.

If you want max accuracy out of it, you have to pin down the rear of the "pop-up" barrel, and that then means that you have to fit an extractor. After all this is done, you get 2" groups at 25m, which is quite accurate enough for taking small game. The end result is a 5.5" OAL, and 11 oz. Still a shirt pocket gun. A smith is going to charge you $300 for all that work, but a used M21 is $150, a new TPH Walther or Smith air wt kit gun are $500 (+sales tax) and the M21 has a better trigger than the Walther, and is of course smaller and slimmer than the revolver, with an SA trigger pull, and no worries about the cylinder going out of alignment with the bore.
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