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M21's superb lil HG, easily outlasts Smith

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2" kit gun, as far as rds or drysnaps, without needing EXTENSIVE smithing, for instance. The Kit Gun will need retiming in 10,000 rds, max. Maybe in 5,000.
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I'll stick to my SIG's thank you very much...

My 2 inch smith kit gun has gone well over 50k rounds and is still going strong. It's an old adjustable sighted RB model. I use it for DA practice for my other J frames. Fits same IWB holsters. Again, stupekid is fos and I just PROVED it.

The M21, if you dry snap, you will RUIN that one chamber it has or BREAK that pinned in firing pin. Just another FOS stupekid post.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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