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2" Kit gun Smith revolver was 2" at 25 yds, with its "preferrred" load, using all 6 chambers. Those little guns shoot really well, but so does the M21 Beretta, once you pin down its "pop up" barrel and add better sights, get rid of trigger overtravel, etc. You can suppress the M21, but not the M34 Smith. The M21 lays a lot 'flatter" in your pocket. the M21 holds 10 rds (fitted with Taurus PT22 mag) M21 is 11 ozs, 5.5" long (fitted with a threaded barrel), M34 Smith Kit gun is 6.3", 24 ozs. M21 is $250, M34 is $500. You can do quite a bit of smithing on the M21 for $250, you know.
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