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andy said:
make up your effing minds,punks. first it's a smithed M21, Star, or CAR is "too expensive", and then when I show you how to get a good setup for $800, I"m "cheap".
andy said:
,very versatile, plenty of range, accuracy, power, durability,controlability, concealment, cheap practice, speed into action, etc. Just see my post about wife carrying .22 rifle. scope that sks, do some work on load developement. . .
Andy said:
wife carrying .22 rifle, BM Star 9mm, I can
see settling for an Sks and a good Smith 2214 pocket .22
Your M21 and CAR (Commando really) were not the subjects of your $800 donkey bray. Funny thing is, you picked better guns, and they COST LESS than your POS M21 and Commando all cobbled up, because they work as is.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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