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= pretty simple in nature, but a lot of hard work. Many guys want to bs you about how you have to have $5,000 worth of lathe, another $5000 worth of training on that lathe, in order to make good baffles. That's bs, it takes about an hour to make the baffle forming tool, and about 2 hours to make the baffles for a 223 "can", and about another hour to make the washers that should be interspersed with the annealed bronze screenwire "donut" baffles. Making the can itself takes several more hours. You have to "sleeve" the main baffle-stack tube, with another tube, vent the rear half of inner tube into the area between the tubes, make a washer fit between the tubes, weld such a washer into each end of the two tubes, put a neoprene washer in between each "small hole", and "large hole" baffle. Each baffle is about 3/8' thick, viewed from the side.

No, the neoprene washers are not "wiipes". The hole thru them is larger than the bullet. What they do is serve to stop any hot gases that are filtering thru the screeenwire baffles., holding them back, increasing the pressures in the rear part of the can, making more of those gases get vented out into the "sleeve' area, between the 2 tubes.
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