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to be shot, especially by cops. the "defender" was just scared, angry, frustrated, mis-guided, misinformed, weak,inept, didn't HAVE the walking stick, fitness and skill that COULD have stopped the attack, with merely a broken arm or leg being applied to the miscreant. Fully 80% of all attackers, on CIVILIANS, WILL stop, at just the SIGHT of the defendant's "ready" gun, and a bunch more will stop at MISSES being fired, , or at MINOR wounds being inflicted on them, COUNT on that. Some WILL try you, "thinking" that you wont, or CANT shoot, that your gun isn't real, isn't loaded, isn't functional, you won't have it cocked, the safety off, etc. they've GOTTEN AWAY with such things, you see, or know someone who HAS, and they are stupid-desperate-drunk-dopey enough to TRY it. As soon as flame and blast SHOWS them (much less pain to their bodies) their ERROR, tho, they wise up real quick.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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