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MANY a pensioner, SS recipient, will let

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you park a van (even a $100, nonfunctional one from the scrapyard) in their backyard, and let you live in it for $100 amonth. Either they or somebody else will let you shower for $5 a pop, too, and you only need 2 such a week. The other days, you do a "whore's bath", standing in an inflatable kids' "pool" (no water in it of course) in your van, camper-shell, travel trailer, garage, etc. Get a $75 portapotti, but only crap in it. Use a wide mouthed jar to piss into. Women can get a "lady j" funnel for this,from Campmor, incorporated. Get the toilets with the BAGS for waste,and go dump the bags into dumpsters, as necesary.

You only need a decent meal every 2-3 days, as in a deli salad. The rest of the time, you can eat cereal (powdered milk) canned beans, Ramen Noodles, mac and cheese("$1 special" sandwiches at Mac's, Hardy's, etc,and as long as you take your multivitamin and mineral tablet, you will be ok. So you can eat ok on $3-$4 a day. So your expenses are VERY LOW.

Some states INSIST that a motorcyclist wear and helmet and face mask, and NOBODY complains about it in the other states. Talk about anonymity! :) Bend up, replace, remove ONE licence plate, NONE in front, TREMENDOUS acceleration and braking, , can go where no car can, etc. A 15 year old, 250-450 cc, $1000 bike can do a LOT for you,even if you mostly bicycle around town. Dont hesitate to live 1-3 miles outside of a small town, either,

NOBODY notices either joggers OR bicyclists, you know. :) You don't have to work, so you got ALL DAY to get wherever it is you want to go. Get a fishing license. The issuers' dont know or care what other states ID cards look like, and it keeps you out of trouble, gets good fresh flesh food for you to eat. Many a guy or gal won't care if you grow a garden in their back yard, or in a vacant lot that they own, or will let you do so for $10 a month, etc.

Public libraries, Rec centers, etc, have FREE internet access, and MANY a guy will let you use HIS pc for $5 for .5 hour. You can get a LOT done in half an hour, if you are "prepped" to do so, in advance. You can make a fair amount of money, anonymously, on the Net, using a really LAME fake ID, really. :) Banks don't really care what ID you use to set up a SAVINGS accout, and that will suffice to set up a Website that you can use to sell info, and so on. Later, many banks will never again ask for your ID, if you come and go frequently deposit and remove money, and later want a checking account. :)

If u pay ATTENTION to the above, and are careful, you can get by just fine on $5k a year, as long as you dont get sick, and know how to entertain yourself by hunting, reading, etc. With 10k$ a year, you can have a BALL, man. Making 10k a year, doing odd jobs and selling something on the net, teaching shooting or karate, doing a bit of welding, smithing, etc, is a pc of cake to do.

Churches, county offices, etc, GIVE away food, 3-4x a year, and you should know where the Asians or Latins buy their food. Buy staples in bulk, at some sort of wholesaler, even if you have to go quite a ways to get that sort of price break. Living thusly, you stay OFF any sort of "official" radar. Never drive, don't use banks, avoid cops, banks and trouble, never TAKE checksand you will probably NEVER have to show an ID. Only when you show a cop an ID does it have to be "checkable", and if you aint driving, and are clean, neat, non-STINKY, and not causing problems, he will probably never CHECK your ID, especially if it's 'out of state", and LOOKS ok. You can get a book that SHOWS you what each state license SHOULD look like in full color and in exact size. NEVER use the ID of the state you are IN, of course. If the same cop ever does look at your ID twice, leave that area and never go back. ditto if they give you any sort of serious crap, want you to get a "local"ID, etc. crap like that, you dont need and CAN'T risk. Pack up and relocate, quickly.
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If you're hiding out, you can live in Mexico or Belize 100x better on the same budget - without a high risk of arrest and rotting in jail.
Sounds like a pretty pathetic lifestyle to me. I'll stick with my current lifestyle, loving children, great job, steady diet, friends that respect me, freedom to endulge my hobby. I like my life.
I'll bet the condition of your teeth allows for a "dazzling" smile, oh,, you don't smile, do you?
SatCong said:
I'll bet the condition of your teeth allows for a "dazzling" smile, oh,, you don't smile, do you?
Just think of the girls he could impress if he glued rhinestones to his dentures.

:roflmao1: :roflmao1:

RIKA :dgrin:
or just go "commando" and glue 'em to his gums!
Good God!

Let's all become street people! No worries, doing dope, living in a burnt out van. That's the life alright!
What happens when he finds this lump on his neck, or he finds he is pissing blood, or he finds a 'mole' on his arm is strangely septic (as in cancer.) Or while he is camping out he gets West Nile fever or just about any ailment that you can die from.

While we are at it, stup*kid, while your eyesite is failing, your hearing is failing, your bloodpressure is sky high, back hurts worse and worse, authrius flairs up... I think we see where stup*kid is heading, and that's downhill, fast.
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