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Marlin 375 cal. rifle

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Hi! I just purchased a Marlin 375 cal. rifle from a lady whose husband passed away recently. I am trying to find out info on this gun. It is exceptionally clean and well-cared for. I know they are not produced anymore, but can someone tell me a little about them? Are cartridges still available for them? She gave me several full boxes, but those won't last forever (and God only knows how old they are!). I have searched and searched the net for good info and have come up basically empty. Thanks for any help you can give me!!
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I've heard of the .450 Marlin, but the .375 is a new one to me.

Marlin did make a few lever action rifles in .375 Winchester (late `70s, early `80s?), and that's one rifle I've been 'gunnin' for! I currently have a Win 94 BB in .375 Winchester and I LOVE IT! Beats the crap out of the .30-30! I reload for it so I have a few choices from 200 grn to 255grn. Winchester had to factory loads, 200grn and 250grn Power Points. They dropped the 250grn, I DON'T know why? If you've got a Marlin in .375 Win, you've got a great rifle in a great chambering, IMO! Luck.
Thanks for the info. This gun seems to be in excellent condition (her husband was a police officer and a gun dealer after he retired). It says "Marlin Firearms, 375 caliber, model 375" on the gun. He shot it with Winchester 200 grain 375 cartridges. I'm facscinated with the gun myself and that's why I bought it. I appreciate any feedback. Finding any history on this gun has been an absolute bust for me.
The 375 Win is basicly a modern 38-55 with a SAAMI pressure of 52,000 CUP. The Marlin 336 action is a good strong lever action, but I would not exceed the max pressures.

Designed as a short, under 200yds, brush busting hunting round it is very good for this type of enviroment.
I don't know if this will work for you or not, I found this page by doing a search in Internet Explorer like this "Marlin .375"
The " " marks around it specify that as one item. It really narrows the field.

Try this link.
"Marlin .375" search

Found this one while cruising that search:
Marlin Collectors Association
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