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by means of the used, $150 Browning Buckmark .22, (the bull barrels are just a PITA to holster carry in field) and the $150 Star BM 9mm. That's if you find one in private hands, which aint all that hard to do. Even if you have to pay $200 each for these guns, it's still a helluva Deal. The Star is good for 10,000 rds if you dont dryfire it without an empty case in its chamber, and the Buckmark,probably 100,000 rds, 50,000 rds for sure.

The Browning's safety is where it should be, so drawing and firing it is a close approximation of doing the same with the Star. If you put 5000 rds a year thru the .22, and 2000 rds a year thru the Star, you can be quite as capable of realistic self defense as anybody is, with any pistol. Carry 100 gr Cor Bon PowrBall 9mm ammo in the Star, practice with 12 c a shot Winchester White box 100 pack generic 9mm ball,from Wally world.

Stick to stuff inside 10m, altho you might try some head shots at that range, with the .22. Keep most of your practice inside 5 yds, with lots of it at 3-6ft, dont forget to work on movers, firing while moving, with either hand, at night, etc. At such close ranges, the 9mm doesn't recoil ENOUGH more than the .22 to matter any. The hits will stay on the 10" chest circle, as fast as you can trigger off the shots.
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