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maybe guy can get U, 3m, before u can

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fire (an already 'on him" gun) standing start, but he aint taking more than ONE step before I start putting holes in his chest. Why are you just STANDING there, confronting an attacker at such a close range, hmm? START 'making space', getting to cover, getting OBSTACLES between him and you. that's the only sensible thing to do, and your PRACTICE shooting should nearly ALL involve shooting while you move, AT movers(with the handgun, that is) and a fair amount of your rifle shooting should, too. Just because you have a rifle, DOESN'T mean you wont be using it at 5m and less, ya know. Inside buildings, or thick cover (at night) such ranges are the RULE, not the exception(if you want RELIABLE HITS, instead of just NOISE, that is.
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Can you explain the scenario? And try using an actual title so we can get a clue on what you are failing to say. I find it funny you're talking about shooting while you move, as you aren't drawing a pistol from your front pocket while moving. You are going to have to be stationary to draw from your front pocket.

Also, you have claimed that we should not be relying on our pistol very much. Why can't we use a rifle at 5m? There's a reason that room clearing is best done with a rifle instead of a pistol. If you had any training you might know why.

Also, why is close distance the rule at night? Can you elaborate on this with sufficient detail to back this claim up?
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