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had some hoaxes in it. for instance, the stop watch supposedly started and stopped in .06 of a second. Anyone can start and stop a watch at any point and then slowly reset it, stopping the hands at any point that they wish.

McGivern claimed to be able to pull the trigger on a 1911 so fast that it would cause the gun to malfunction. We can prove, by means of trigger fanning, that this cannot be true.

Mcgivern's timer actuated when the hammer dropped on the first shot, so the timing involved only 5 cyclings of the trigger not 6 (or 4, not 5, I forget which he claimed)

He shows a row of lead disks, hit by .38 bullets (supposedly in the AIR) as he zeroed the sights. :) Right.

Cooper knew Cap Hardy, a contemporary trick shooter of McGiverns, and Jeff said that Hardy called McGivern the best, but a liar.
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