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Me Putting the Horse in Front of the Cart

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Like I never do that eh?馃榿

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If I'm going to do things ahead of schedule why not have the photo upside down.
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Ruger LCP MAX 10rd .380 just like I talked about as a replacement for both the Beretta 21A and the S&W 442 Pro .38spl.,.
Might be a few days before I go shoot it. But who knows.
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A quick view of the better IMHO than the standard point shoot invisible sights of the standard models if you need them.
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Ignore the albino Sasquatch lag.
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Well I took it out to what may or may not be my last trip to the Crowder Conservation Range.
Using plain jane Winchester white box.380 at the traditional 21ft distance, let's be honest this isn't a target pistol, it grouped decently. It's got a heavy trigger pull and system that reminds me of if a Glock and a SIG 290 (Not the RS one) and an AMT BACKUP 2 did something weird and had a love child.
It's not hammerless but has a hammer and no safety except for the trigger mounted pivot one. The trigger pull I've yet to weigh or get weighed but I'd guess at 6lbs even though it's advertised as less. Maybe some more shooting and break in?
Anyhow the groups were about one and a half inch wide but unfortunately about 5inches or so high due to the oddball trigger pull. And my big mutant hands. I don't generally like small tiny pistols, for accuracy at least, as they get lost in my hands. But again it's not a target pistol and a fatter & bigger grip would defeat the purpose of it's existence.
Overall I like the little thing and from the factory there's not much that needs to be done with it and really not much to that can be done to it anyways.
That day I was a little pressed for time and I didn't get any more shooting in than 20rds total to adjust the sight windage and then a final 10 to verify it.

I'm not sure if I should bother with anything but FMJ or not at what probably isn't a real high velocity even for a.380 to begin with.
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