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Hi! I want to take a moment to wish everyone at ArmsLocker Forums, all, the very best wishes of the Season. I've, really, enjoyed corresponding with you guys this past year; and, if the Good Lord's willing, I expect to continue well on into the future.

(So the good news is we're going to be staying in touch. The bad news is you're, just, going to have to learn to tolerate my obnoxious personal opinions! See you, all, soon!)

Happy Holidays!

Arc Angel

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Thanks and the same to you and yours. Gosh, it's Christmas Eve already! :santa:

I think this site will be around for a while. Fortunately I lease my own dedicated servers, so I have plenty of elbow room for something like this that I just put up for fun. I'd like to see it grow a little quicker, of course, but heck, then it would probably just give me more work to do!

Did any of you notice the new smilies I added a couple of days ago?

:toilet: :dancer01: :madeuce: :roflmao1:
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