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might as well make it 100%, don't

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ya think? For the guy who settles for an sks as his shtf longarm, a really accurate, easy to use well, lw .22 pistol can make up for the sks lacking small game ability. Something like a smith 622, probably with an optical sight, could be holstered on the pack, since foraging hardly requires a fast draw. The backpack and rifle make a belt rig pretty awkward, and a shoulder rig isn't both accessible and concealable, under the pack's harness. So a powerful pocket pistol has to cover the defensive pistol needs, in a kydex plastic pocket rig, in the front pants pocket. If you remove the pack, and lay aside the rifle, you can always just stow the pocket pistol IWB, and let your coat or shirttail conceal it. A pistol is best always used as a SURPRISE for your attacker, ya know?
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