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This threads just melvin trying to make and argument to excuse his own pathetic lack of preparation.I've told you time and time again melvin, Proper Planning Prevents Pisspoor performance!
You make up bs to try to justify your own inept,unskilled,deluded plans.For example no families being prepared*L* I know many many families who are prepared, as well as individuals.Retreat locations, yup got em, and know many who do. Your ideas on what you'll do if tshtf are laughable due to the simple fact you assume everyone else is going to be like the sheep you think they are.You'll find that those sheep have long sharp teeth and are actually wolves in disguise.I know several women who'd fillet you in a heartbeat,Sir shakesalot, then use the carcass as fertilizer.

Once again come on down to a campout, theres food,your way will be paid, and you can show us all how studly you are and what your skills are(Not that you have any skills outside your own mind but we're willing to let you prove that statement wrong).
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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