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I've just purchased a milsurp Mosin Nagant M38 (7.62x54R). I REALLY love the rifle, and I love shooting it even more. My more-than-sore shoulder will contest to the fact that I liked shooting it for the first time yesterday more than was good for me....haahaa.

Anyway, I am not completely happy the current open sites on the gun. They are the standard sights. First, the POI is much higher than the POA at 100 yards, so I imagine that it is zeroed in at a minimum of 300 yards. I need a higher front site, but this isn't that much of a surprise to me. I expected it.

Soooo, I was thinking about putting a Mojo Sight on this rifle ( Has anyone done this already or used these sights on a similar rifle?

If so, how rugged is it? How well does it hold zero once installed and set? Is it a big improvement over the standard sites? (I'm not as good with the standard open sites as I would like to be - darn bad eyes!) Once installed, should the MOJO sites be adjustable enough to bring my POI and POA to the same spot at 100 yards?

Finally, are the MOJO sites adjustable for 500 yard shots by just sliding the rear sites up or down by "pre-determined increments" like the standard sites?

Thanks for any info!
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