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More LGS Changes.... Again

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Not the best for all around involved it seems.

One place I've delt with a lot for approximately 25years has a rough future ahead. The economy doesn't help but there's a big ownership partnership conflict between... husband and wife.
Big issue is the 5 employees they start bailing out on the owners it's only going to intensify things.

The previous owner retired and I believe that he has little or no interest in buying back the business.

Ugh...I probably shouldn't care as much but it's been a place to stop in going to and from the shooting ranges I've used.

I know that there was another that saw and has seen maybe a half dozen or more owners and partners with shares in it. Hard to keep track as that one not only relocated but has tried to look like a miniature bass pro shops.

So I don't know exactly where it's going the only thing I hope it just ends up being a stable business with no odd changes.
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