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Any well aimed cartridge can take down an animal in an emergency. Your not talking about an emergency though, all it proves is that you lack the ability to ethically hunt during periods of peace.

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Proof of what? that a .223 can take game? Nobody has said it couldn't. It is, however, not legal to use it to do so in some states. we have said this. we've also said the 10" shorty is a poor choice for hunting - it is.

I use an AR to hunt varmints, like coyote. I know what the AR is capable of. I'm also using a 16" barrel and a suppressor.

wow, you found a thread on a board you're not allowed to post on, that says a .223 can kill animals. We all knew that already. You just don't understand the actual discussions in the threads here. You fixate on one aspect and don't comprehend the context of the remarks.
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