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Frankly John, it probably seems to you that you do start a lot of threads, but if you’ll think about it, you’ll realize (or maybe you won’t) that you simply start the same handful of thread topics a bajillion times.

Topic A: “.308 is a heavy joke that offers no increase in range over an AR and requires a 2-lb, 24” can; while a 10.5” AR shorty can have a 7.5” can and can take anything on the planet”.

Topic B: “Garand is mean and a stupe and canada is a joke. Terry’s no better.”

Topic C
: “When shtf, every place that isn’t a pit in the woods will be ransacked, and if you’re come out of your hole in the ground during the first 12 months, a sniper will pick you off.”

Topic D: “When shtf, you need to kill a large animal and process it into jerky.” (How you turn an entire horse into jerky while remaining in a pit during all daylight hours is a whole other discussion.)

Topic E: “Somebody on a TV show or the internet did something stupid. I’m smarter than they are.”

Topic F: “Factory handgun ammunition is ineffective. You wish you could make ammo as awesome as my dremel-made bullets.”

Topic G: “I did awesome stuff. Not in this century, but I did awesome stuff. I knew everybody, and they saw me do it. Really. You wish you could do it too.”

Topic H
: “When shtf or when enemies get close, this is how you kill people.”

Topic I: “You don’t have the skill to keep yourself alive. You wish you were as smart as me.”

Topic J: “You don’t have the brains to choose a decent gun. You wish you were as smart as me.” (This topic often includes the non-stop "When shtf, rifles will be all that matters, and handguns won't matter.")

And lastly, we’ll lump into “Topic K”. This one does tend to vary some, but tends to be simply some personal observation/remembrance or other:
- I had a gun that I wore out.
- I did something weird (see “setting bucketfuls of varnish on fire” for an example).
- I post more useful info here than is on all of arfcom. This place sucks, but it has more useful info than all of arfcom.

I’m doing this off the cuff, so I may have missed one or two. But probably 90% of your topic starts are simply one of those topics rehashed.

{edit - I forgot Topic L, didn't I: "A gun in your pocket or sleeve makes sense. A gun on your belt is a waste." }
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