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velocity-wise. it's not at all hard to get very close to typical 20" barrel velocity, with a good 14" barrel, and loads that are optimized, for velocity in that 14" barrel. 3" less barrel doesn't hurt velocity that much, either. 200 fps or so, tops, if the load is optimized for that 11" barrel.

223 SAAMI spec pressure is 48,000 CUP. 5.56 NATO spec is 55,000 CUP. Quite a difference in performance. The M855 Spec is 62 grs, 3050 fps, in a 20" barrel, and that's considerably hotter than factory 223 performance. It's also still a LONG ways from what is a max safe load in a good 5.56 autoloader. The fact that many are IGNORANT of this doesn't change it. It's STILL a fact. The Military match shooters are getting 2700-2800 fps, from 20" barrels, using 80 gr bullets, all the time, for 600 yd match shooting, and practice for same. Maybe you are stupid, and "think" you HAVE to shoot hot loads all the time in practice, but that's not the reality of the situation. Not at all.
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