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Move finalized

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I think I mentioned a month or so ago that I was moving to Colorado, well, I'm here now.

Good points:
The gun range is free
My new fencing coach is Gary Copeland, the Assistant Director of the USFA's Coaches' College at the Olympic Training Center.
Plenty of places to to ride.
Bars don't check ID

Bad Points:
My roommates are pot smoking hippies.
Too many people support John Kerry
The gun range is an hour east (also known as the Pawnee National Grasslands)
My fencing coach is in Boulder
Too many college kids F'ing around; there were TWO riots last weekend, TWO!!
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Glad you got moved okay and welcome back. I think you'll enjoy Boulder after you get your bearings.

Nope, don't live in Boulder. I live in Ft. Collins. I just fence in Boulder. That's a 90min drive, every other day. Ft. Collins is closer to Cheyenne, Wyoming than Boulder.

I'd enjoy this place better if CSU cracked down on the nitwits, but the gun crowd is friendly, as expected. :cool: :fullauto:
If you get a chance drop in and see gunkid and say "hi" for us. I'm sure if you ask nice he will give you his address.

PS: Take a camera, I want pictures of the survivalist "guru's" bug out bag!
Doesn't he live in Pagosa Springs? That's the other side of Colorado...and the other side of the Rockies. Besides, I don't wanna scare the poor little fella.
andy said:
NOTHING scares ME, punk.
May I please have your address?
Heck just look for his wife's business. Can't be that many around that neck of the woods that process real estate transactions.

Oh and with a new job position that I might get within the company I work for I will be able to schedule my own time off. So maybe I might drop in also in the near future.

But actually I may be looking to buy some land up there myself. One of the best things to invest in as they ain't making any more of it.
I'm sure that Melvin would be thrilled to have visitors. He might even let you look through all his old magazines ... err, reference books.

I don't imagine that he would be hard to find. I went to the Pagosa Springs newspaper for the wedding announcement.

John Davis, originally from Litchfield, Ill., and Patricia Rydz, who has lived in Pagosa Springs for seven years, and is originally from Green Bay Wis., are happy to announce they were married in a small private outdoor ceremony on Memorial Day on their property just west of town. They would like to announce a change of venue for their reception. It will be held June 7 starting at 4 p.m. at the Ridgeview Center on Navajo Trails Drive. Since there was no time to send out invitations, Pat and John would like to take this opportunity to invite friends, family and their extended client family to attend. There will be food and drink and music and dancing, and Pat and John look forward to seeing everyone there.
Garand, you're gonna make Melvin or his wife have a tantrum.

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