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Moving... Moving Forward

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First big step signed the Offer and Acceptance.

Won't go into much detail on what's an open forum but will be moving along with things more rapidly this month.
I'll just say the timeline might be different than other real estate deals.
Due to the fact that the sale is between me and a brother from another mother so to speak.
So I'll have a decent amount of time to organize my stuff, pick a decent location and move.
Not that I'm not chomping at the bit to get out of here.
I'll be checking out property in person in Missouri and Arkansas in that order.
Basically working my way back in this direction.
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Congrats. It鈥檚 strange sometimes how things seem to drag out forever and then suddenly move all at once.
Yeah, it sure is. And without repeating or getting into a long negative list it's a relief also. And it's not really a negative list perse it's just too crowded for my taste anymore. Some people might love this area but it's just changed a lot and it's not always small or start up/part time business friendly.
congrats, now for the thinning out of your stuff!
Yep, my stuff and things that my parents who before and after retirement had a flea market booth, a large one. So they never wanted to throw away anything.
Plus being children of the great Depression didn't help.
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Well near the end of next week we will do the final deal and sign the paperwork. Then I'll be looking for some new land to build on....well not build but I'm getting a decent sized pre built cabin roughly 16x 30 09then I'm going to build a screened in porch around it. After I finish out the in interior to my liking.
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Err... life's updates may not be until next week.
Title company person doing the work is on emergency family leave.... understand life happens.
Next week Thursday firmed up date to do the signing.
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