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He are the picture that I promised regarding the blocking of M14/M1A mags to 5 rounds. You will see an ordinary mag follower, a modified one and one from a norinco M1A mag


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#3 sorry about the quality


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Simple solution to an ever increasingly difficult problem.
Did you see my posting on blocking AR 15 30 rounders to 5 rds?
Yes I was directing that to you.:) The 20 rd mags to 5 rd were very easy also.
-Insert mag into rifle, mark the back of the mag were the mag well and mag meet;
- remove mag base plate, use duct tape to hold spring in place
- insert 5 dummy rds, insert mag back into rifle, bolt closed (VERY IMPORTANT);
- insert 1/4" steel weld rod into back of magazine through the bottom, mark the weld rod
- remove rod and cut to length;
-drill 2 holes into back of mag below where the mag sits in the well;
- insert rod and mark;
- drill rod;
-replace in mag and pop rivet back in place

The magazine then fulfills the gov't requirements for the magazine to be not "easily" reverted.
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