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One of the major plusses about working where I do is that we get substantial discounts for personal purchases of hunting-related items from our advertisers. One such company is a well-known muzzle loader manufacturer. I have never fooled with smoke poles, but I had a chance to do so today, and boy was it fun. Even with its 4X scope, it held inside two inches at 100 -- WELL within minute of deer for the ranges at which I'd feel comfortable, with my limited experience with these things, in taking a deer. Had to clean the weapon after every three rounds, but that was no real bother. I was shooting a .45 caliber. Our ad guy owns a .50, and he loves it.

I believe I might take myself a muzzle loader hunt this year. Season starts next Monday, and rifle season the following week. I b'lieve I'll just carve me out an afternoon next week.

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