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My .22 book sold 20,000 copies, first

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year Paladin marketed it, 1994, WITHOUT much in the way of an INternet, or anyone like me to PUSH its sales,links on every gun bbs forum to my website, etc. Then the $30 video, "hand" sales at shops and shows, writing DIRECTLY for Amazon, tools for making the baffles, threading the gun's muzzle, and then the Split Nose bullets, made and sold by my friend, and then the 80% lowers for AR and 1911. :) A certain gun man is going to be retired, in central America, by 2007. LAUGHING at you stupid jerks.
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How much do you need to meet that goal I bet we could come up with a collection plate to hurry this along:D
1/2 mill will do it, 1/4 mill MIGHT. Doesn't

mean I wont STILL be showing you up all over the Net, however. :)
So wheres your internet site, GK. The one you brayed about having up by Jan 1, 2004. Guess it got flushed like all your delusional dreams.

Yeah and where are you now GK?

The year is half over.

You don't have a real job, just a pity one your wife probably got for you.

You still have not even gotten your record expunged and with your atitude it probably will never happen.

If you ever do manage to move to Central America it will be by convincing your wife to sell off all HER assets here.

Then you'll probably end up rotting in a shallow grave after you manage to PO'off the wrong person down there.
:kill: :rolleyes:
The TARD, aka "The Post Whore," wrote a book?

Semi-illiterate TARD'S don't write books on their own. If there is one, which I doubt, who wrote it for you?

With your semi-illiterate writing skills, you sure as hell did not!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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