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My favorite rifle targets

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The target is called a "Crazy Ivan" or officialy known as a Fig.11. the mottled pattern makes it tough to see at all ranges and re-enforces the need to call ones shots.

You can scale it by the rifles on either side.

It's the same type of target that the Army uses in thier EIC matches. There is also a Fig. 12, that is half as large and is a "head and shoulders".that's not in the picture.

The scope is my trusty KOWA on the stock in trade Freeland stand, the camo jacket is a padded USMC shooting coat. We used them as a base garment for sniper smocks in Desert Storm. I had never seen desert pattern before or since, they are always OD green.

We wallpaper paste the targets to cardboard and then use washered screws to attach them to stakes and just drive them into the ground. Instant rifle range on any bit of prairie.

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teaches u to aim too LOW on the man

looks like to me.
Scoring rings are for center mass hold

When you have a 25/275 meter battle sight zero your point of impact will be high or low according to your actual range. So it's common doctrine to teach a center hold ,this will have you getting a hit out to 325 or so with the same point of aim.

US service rifle front sights are about 6 MOA, so as long as the target is bigger that the front sight just center hold and shoot.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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