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My first ccw draw, on timer, was .65 sec

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at the home of Ron Bright, in Ill. that was "self start" , ie, no reaction time, and on an old sweep hand KhrondeK timer, with wax ammo. The Khrondek ran about .03 second faster on timing than today's electronic timer. So add about .20 second to that time, for reaction time, and today's timers. That was with the timer start button on its 3 legged, adjustable height stand, using the weak hand to hold down the button, and to sweep the hung out shirttail clear of the gun. IWB FBI rig, lw Commander, 1 hand point shot, at 5 yds. It was of course a lucky hit on the chest, but given a typical range of 6 ft, the hit would not have been luck. I later proved my ability to do the same thing with live ammo, of course.
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