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Using * 11 inch CAR, 5 shots fired in all. After running 100 meters, freestyle, with one shot each, a IPSC standard target, moving, at ranges from 50 meters to 400 meters. Each shot done in less than 3 seconds.

First shot will be held 4 miles north of Irbil, Iraq (near the old sand dune with Saddam's statute with one arm).

The second shot will be held at Suzhou City, PRC, near the fish market along the river.

The third shot will be held at the miliary rifle range 14 miles west of Stuttgart, Germany.

The forth shot will be held near the docks of Kópavogur, Iceland (floating targets.. they move very well.)

The fifth, and last shot, will be held near Lake Titicaca , Peru (get your climbing gear on, it's going to be a walk.)

I DARE * to take the challenge. My 5000 dollars to his 50 cents he can't do it.

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Ahem well, guess what?

At the end of this month I might be up in Nebraska on work.

If time and situation allows maybe some sort of meet can be arranged?

Not just for a piddly contest but how about some of the crowd from here and/or PN to shoot or just shoot the bull?

The main thing for me would be whether or not I'm traveling alone; if alone it would be possible. Plus, whether or not I'm flying or driving; if I drive I can bring my rifle, pistol or whatever.

I know it's limited notice but some of us might be able to show up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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