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My Ruger 10/22 A Very Short Last Minute and Last group video.

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I had just wanted to take this out and test it along with a few other rifles last week and find out what potential it had. Same day I test fired and zeroed my new LCP MAX. It was a long busy day and I was getting ragged out blood sugar and allergie wise, the latter made more sensitive from my blood sugar meds.🙄
So I didn't think about filming through the whole deal and it didn't dawn upon me until I had a "wrap" done on the shooting.

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Apologies for the "adult" setting but YouTube has been doing squirrelly things with content uploaders, large and small, recently and seemingly randomly so I tried to preempt any possible issues.So if no one wants to click on the link and register with YouTube or whatever here's some stills:
Hood Wood Sleeve Grey Bag

Above is the picture I took right before going to the video recorder and below is the last image after I gimped up to target.
Art Rectangle Material property Circle Symmetry

And not that it matters much but I've a habit of taking up the targets provided by the state of Missouri sideways for two reasons. First to resembling a the center mass of a silhouette target and in case I'm using a firearm of rainbowing ballistics I initially aim dead center so there's room to or error. Because if you watch the video the backer material while durable and ingenious to use hides fresh bullet holes pretty good. It's black rubberized conveyor belt material from what I can tell.
I hope the ones in the general area I'm moving to are similar to this one. Not all have pavilions over the firing line like this one which is relatively new. As they were preparing to break ground in 2006 when I lived up here roughly half of the week.
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