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Name that gun!

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Todays pop quiz is for you to name this gun:

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yet again unregistered you dont have a clue and got spout crap, the SIG 510 series is based on the work of Feurrer (did i spell his name right?), his rifle was originally designed in the early 20's and produced in 1925. It was used as an autorifle, a sniper's rifle, a light mg, and was noted for its reliability in adverse conditions. the 510 is also equally reliable. Ask any one who fights with one in, oh, say Africa, Asia, or South and Central America. They have sold a lot of these over the years. As for the mauser, i'll give you a buck fifty for it.
there mauser in its many incarnations still soldier on throughout the world. clunker or not i agree, besides i own two, a m98 in 7.92mm and a m95 in 7mm.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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